My Video Game:

Herakles and The Princess of Troy

Herakles and the Princess of Troy is an awesome game that I developed by myself. You can check it out on Steam HERE!
It is a game filled with adventure, exploration and retro feels! :)


I have developed a lot of software for myself over the years. I have made it all available for free. You can check it all out on my software page.

Internet Connection Notification

Alerts you when your Internet Connection goes up or down!

FPS Trainer

Improve your First-Person-Shooter skills!

Self Employed Time Manager

Track how much you really work in a day! Set your goals and succeed!

Text Replacer

Simplifies the process of generating template-based text

AI Wizard

Find correlations in your data and predict the future!

Quiz Study Tool

An advanced flash card system to memorize any material!

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Premium T-shirt available now on Amazon!

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