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FD Alt Lines Copy Pasta Input: (See Example#1 and Example#2)

Combo Number:

Update 2/28/2024: Combo Breaker can now linearly interpolate between inputs. Bottom Calibration should be rarely needed now. Inputs with large gaps are now much more accurate.
Update 2/9/2024: Combo Breaker can now handle an unlimited number of inputs/players/teams/lines.
Update 6/10/2023: Combo Breaker can now handle Exactly markets.


Quick Tips:
- Copy from FD Alt Lines, Paste into text box.
- Add as many players as you need, separated by a new line (no empty lines are required)
- Look at the default inputs above for various ways that you can copy/paste and format your inputs. See below for additional tips.
- If the mainline for a player is not in the alt lines, then manually add it by following the format:
Over 10.5
Under 10.5

Manual Juice format:
- Specify juice% for a one way market by providing a line with either:
If no juice is specified, the market will use the highest juice from any 2way lines in the market. If a market has nothing but one way lines, then a default 7.1% juice will be used.

- If your market is for exactly a certain number of points, then use "Exactly" instead of Over/Under.
Exactly 0
Exactly 1
Exactly 2
Exactly 3

You can manually adjust markets to work with C-C-C-Combo Breaker by following the below 4-line format:
1. [Any Name you Want] - Alt [Any Market Name you want]
2. [Optionally specify juice using the Tips above, or if your input has over/unders, it can derive the juice from those lines]
3. [Over, Under or Exactly if you want to specify Over, Under or Exactly, if  none is specified, it assumes it is Over and automatically subtracts the 0.5 for you] [include a number on this line]
4. [Immediatly following the line above, specify the odds in American format like -300 or +300]
...continue to repeat the above 2 lines until you have all of the market's lines you would like to include.
...To Start a new Player, simply start with the line #1 again. You can do empty lines between players to make it more organized.

CNM Discord:
Need more help? Join the free CNM Discord to:
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  2. Get pinged about +EV boosts/plays based on your sportsbooks/state
  3. Link to join https://discord.gg/VjESEQvsG5
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